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    Giovanni Parmigiani, PhD

    Giovanni Parmigiani, PhD
    Chair, Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology

    Professor of Biostatistics

    Office phone: 617-632-5323
    Fax: 617-632-2444
    Email: gp@jimmy.harvard.edu
    Website: Giovanni Parmigiani

    Preferred contact method: appointment phone

    450 Brookline Avenue
    CLS 11043
    Boston, MA 02215

    Recent Awards

    • DeGroot Prize for Decision Theory, by Giovanni Parmigiani and Lurdes Y T Inoue, with contributions by Hedibert Freitas Lopes, 2009
    • Advising, Mentoring, and Teaching Recognition Award. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Student Assembly, 2002
    • Edward Rotan Visiting Professorship, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, 2002
    • Hecht Scholar, 2000
    • Fellow of the American Statistical Association, 1999
    • Myrto Lefkopoulou Distinguished Lecture, Harvard School of Public Health, 1999
    • Savage Ph.D. Thesis Award, 1991
    • Biometrics ENAR Student Travel Award, 1990
    • Gavasakar Dissertation Prize, 1990
    • Graduate Student of the Year, Pittsburgh Chapter of the ASA, 1990
    • Thesis Publication Honor, Universit L. Bocconi, Milano, 1984

    Select Publications

    • Wang XV, Blades N, Ding J, Sultana R, Parmigiani. G. Estimation of sequencing error rates in short reads. BMC Bioinformatics 13(1); 185 Jul 2012. PMC3495688.
    • Waldron L, Ogino S, Hoshida Y, Shima K, Reed A, Simpson P, Baba Y, Nosho K, Segata N, Vargas AC, Cummings M, Lakhani S, Kirkner G, Giovannucci E, Quackenbush J, Golub T, Fuchs C, Parmigiani G, Huttenhower C. Expression profiling of archival tumors for long-term health studies. Clin Cancer Res 18; 6136-46 2012.  PMC3500412.
    • Coopey SB, Mazzola E, Buckley JM, Sharko J, Belli AK, Kim EMH, Polubriaginof F, Parmigiani G, Garber JE, Smith BL, Gadd MA, Specht MC, Guidi AJ, Roche CA, Hughes KS. The role of chemoprevention in modifying the risk of breast cancer in women with atypical breast lesions. Breast Cancer Res Treat 136; 627-33 Nov 2012.
    • Sausen M, Leary RJ, Jones S, Wu J, Reynolds CP, Liu X, Blackford A, Parmigiani G, Luis A. Diaz J, Papadopoulos N, Vogelstein B, Kinzler KW, Velculescu VE, Hogarty MD. Integrated genomic analyses identify ARID1A and ARID1B alterations in the childhood cancer neuroblastoma. Nature Genetics 45; 12-7 2012.
    • Leary RJ, Sausen M, Kinde I, Papadopoulos N, Carpten JD, Craig D, O'Shaughnessy J, Kinzler KW, Parmigiani G, Vogelstein B, Diaz LA, Velculescu VE. Detection of chromosomal alterations in the circulation of cancer patients with whole-genome sequencing. Sci Transl Med 4; 162ra154 Nov 2012.
    • Telesca D, Muller P, Parmigiani G, Freedman RS. Modeling dependent gene expression. The Annals of Applied Statistics 6; 542-60 2012
    • Mazzola E, Cheng SC, Parmigiani G. The penetrance of ductal carcinoma in situ among BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers. Breast Cancer Res Treat 137; 315-318 Jan 2013.
    • Thompson JR, Ggele M, Weichenberger CX, Modenese M, Attia J, Barrett JH, Boehnke M, Grandi AD, Domingues FS, Hicks AA, Marroni F, Pattaro C, Ruggeri F, Borsani G, Casari G, Parmigiani G, Pastore A, Pfeufer A, Schwienbacher C, Taliun D, Consortium C, Fox CS, Pramstaller PP, Minelli C. SNP prioritization using a bayesian probability of association. Genet Epidemiol 37; 214-221 Feb 2013.
    • Minelli C, Grandi AD, Weichenberger CX, Ggele M, Modenese M, Attia J, Barrett JH, Boehnke M, Borsani G, Casari G, Fox CS, Freina T, Hicks AA, Marroni F, Parmigiani G, Pastore A, Pattaro C, Pfeufer A, Ruggeri F, Schwienbacher C, Taliun D, Pramstaller PP, Domingues FS, Thompson JR. Importance of different types of prior knowledge in selecting genome-wide findings for follow-up. Genet Epidemiol 37; 205-213 Feb 2013.
    • Tomasetti C, Vogelstein B, Parmigiani G. Half or more of the somatic mutations in cancers of self-renewing tissues originate prior to tumor initiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110(6); 1999-2004 Jan 2013. 
    • Tomasetti C, Vogelstein B, Parmigiani G. Half or more of the somatic mutations in cancers of self-renewing tissues originate prior to tumor initiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110(6); 1999-2004 Jan 2013. 
    • Ganzfried BF, Riester M, Haibe-Kains B, Risch T, Tyekucheva S, Jazic I, Wang XV, Ahmadifar M, Birrer MJ, Parmigiani G, Huttenhower C, Waldron L. CuratedOvarianData: clinically annotated data for the ovarian cancer transcriptome. Database Oxford 2013; bat013 2013.
    • Biswas S, Atienza P, Chipman J, Hughes K, Barrera AMG, Amos CI, Arun B, Parmigiani G. Simplifying clinical use of the genetic risk prediction model BRCAPRO. Breast Cancer Res Treat 139; 571-579 Jun 2013.
    • Chipman J, Drohan B, Blackford A, Parmigiani G, Hughes K, Bosino P. Providing access to risk prediction tools via the HL7 XML-formatted risk web service. Breast Cancer Res Treat Jun 2013.
    • Gorfine M, Hsu L, Zucker DM, Parmigiani G. Calibrated predictions for multivariate competing risks models. Lifetime Data Anal May 2013.
    • Ahn J, Yuan Y, Parmigiani G, Suraokar MB, Diao L, Wistuba II, Wang W. Demix: deconvolution for mixed cancer transcriptomes using raw measured data. Bioinformatics Jun 2013


    • Ding, Jie, PhD
    • Ventz, Steffen, PhD
    • Admanit, Reuma, PhD
    • Rashid, Naim, PhD
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