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    Myles A. Brown, MD


    Director, Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics
    Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


    Breast Oncology
    Genitourinary Oncology

    Office phone: 617-632-3948
    Fax: 617-582-8501
    Email: myles_brown@dfci.harvard.edu
    Website: Myles Brown Lab

    Preferred contact method: email

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    Research Department

    Medical Oncology/Molecular and Cellular

    Area of Research

    Epigenomics of hormone action

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    450 Brookline Avenue
    Dana 730
    Boston, MA 02215


    Dr. Brown obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology from Yale University and his M.D. from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed training in Internal Medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital while doing research with David Livingston at the Dana-Farber. He went on to complete training in Medical Oncology at the Dana-Farber and postdoctoral research with Phillip Sharp at MIT. Following the completion of his training he joined the faculty of the Dana-Farber and Harvard Medical School. From 2002-2010 he served as Chief of the Division of Molecular and Cellular Oncology at the Dana-Farber. In 2010 together with Shirley Liu he founded the Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics at the Dana-Farber.

    Recent Awards

    • Edwin B. Astwood Award, The Endocrine Society, 2010
    • Tisch Family Outstanding Achievement Award, DFCI, 2006
    • NAMS/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals SERM Research Award, 2005
    • Elected to the Association of American Physicians, 2003
    • American Society for Clinical Investigation, 1997


    Epigenomics of hormone action

    Dr. Brown’s research laboratory focuses on elucidating the epigenetic factors underlying the action of steroid hormones. This work has important implications both for normal physiology and for the treatment of hormone dependent malignancies including breast and prostate cancer. He is recognized for three seminal discoveries. His lab opened the steroid receptor coregulator field, illuminated the dynamic nature of receptor and coregulator interaction with the genome and elucidated the importance of epigenetically determined distant cis-regulatory steroid receptor binding sites. His contributions have uniquely reformulated the understanding of steroid hormone action in normal physiology and in hormone-dependent cancer.

    Select Publications

    • Carroll, J.S., Meyer, C.A., Song, J., Li, W., Geistlinger, T.R., Eeckhoute, J., Brodsky, A.S., Keeton, E.K., Fertuck, K.C., Hall, G.F., Wang, Q., Berkiranov, S., Sementchenko, V., Fox, E.A., Silver, P.A., Gingeras, T.R., Liu, X.,S., Brown, M. Genome wide analysis of estrogen receptor binding sites. Nat Genet, 2006 Nov;38(11):1289-97.
    • Lupien, M., Eeckhoute, J., Meyer, C.A., Wang, Q., Zhang, Y., Li, W., Carroll, J.S., Liu, X.S. and Brown, M. FoxA1 translates epigenetic signatures into enhancer driven lineage-specific transcription. Cell 2008, 132 (6): 958-70.
    • Wang Q, Li W, Zhang Y, Yuan X, Xu K, Yu J, Chen Z, Beroukhim R, Wang H, Lupien M, Wu T, Regan MM, Meyer CA, Carroll JS, Manrai AK, Jänne OA, Balk SP, Mehra R, Han B, Chinnaiyan AM, Rubin MA, True L, Fiorentino M, Fiore C, Loda M, Kantoff, PW, Liu XS, Brown M. Androgen receptor regulates a distinct transcription program in androgen-independent prostate cancer. Cell. 2009 Jul 23;138(2):245-56 
    • He HH, Meyer CA, Shin H, Bailey ST, Wei G, Wang Q, Zhang Y, Xu K, Ni M, Lupien M, Mieczkowski P, Lieb JD, Zhao K, Brown M, Liu XS. Nucleosome dynamics define transcriptional enhancers. Nat Genet. 2010 Apr;42(4):343-7.
    • Lupien M, Meyer CA, Bailey ST, Eeckhoute J, Cook J, Westerling T, Zhang X, Carroll JS, Rhodes DR, Liu XS, Brown M. Growth factor stimulation induces a distinct ER? cistrome underlying breast cancer endocrine resistance. Genes Dev. 2010 Oct 1;24(19):2219-27.
    • Ni M, Chen Y, Lim E, Wimberly H, Bailey ST, Imai Y, Rimm DL, Liu XS, Brown M. Targeting androgen receptor in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer. Cancer Cell. 2011 Jul 12;20(1):119-31.
    • He HH, Meyer CA, Chen MW, Jordan VC, Brown M, Liu XS. Differential DNase I hypersensitivity reveals factor-dependent chromatin dynamics. Genome Res. 2012 Jun;22(6):1015-25.
    • Bailey ST, Shin H, Westerling T, Liu XS, Brown M. Estrogen receptor prevents p53-dependent apoptosis in breast cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2012 Oct 30;109(44):18060-5. 
    • Xu K, Wu ZJ, Groner AC, He HH, Cai C, Lis RT, Wu X, Stack EC, Loda M, Liu T, Xu H, Cato L, Thornton JE, Gregory RI, Morrissey C, Vessella RL, Montironi R, Magi-Galluzzi C, Kantoff PW, Balk SP, Liu XS, Brown M. EZH2 oncogenic activity in castration resistant prostate cancer cells is polycomb-independent. Science 2012 Dec 14;338(6113):1465-9.
    • Ni M, Chen Y, Fei T, Li D, Lim E, Liu XS, Brown M. Amplitude modulation of androgen signaling by c-MYC. Genes Dev. 2013 Apr 1;27(7):734-748.
    • Buchwalter G, Hickey MM, Cromer A, Selfors LM, Gunawardane RN, Frishman J, Jeselsohn R, Lim E, Chi D, Fu X, Schiff R, Brown M, Brugge JS. PDEF promotes luminal differentiation and acts as a survival factor in ER-positive breast cancer cells. Cancer Cell. 2013 Jun 10;23(6):753-67.


    • Lim, Elgene, MD, PhD
    • Jeselsohn, Rinath, MD
    • He, Houshang Hansen, PhD


    • Bailey, Shannon, PhD
    • Buchwalter, Gilles, PhD
    • Cato, Laura, PhD
    • Chi, David, Graduate Student
    • Cook, Jennifer, PhD
    • Dreijerink, Koen, MD, PhD
    • Eaton, Hilary, PhD
    • Fei, Teng, PhD
    • Groner, Anna, PhD
    • Liu, Yin, PhD
    • Tavera, Luz, PhD
    • Westerling, Thomas, PhD
    • Xu, Kexin, PhD
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